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The growing popularity of online casinos is extraordinary. This particular business has grown quite rapidly and even though it suffered a great set back when the US passed an Act which disallowed its functions in the US, it is still growing at a rapid pace. There are many reasons which draw people to online casinos. Perhaps the foremost reason for this growing popularity is that online casinos provide a player with comfort. One can easily play and gamble from the comfort of his/her home. This is amazing as one doesn't have to travel several miles just to have some fun.

Another major factor is making online casinos popular is that online casinos offer both free play and real money options. Both these options are excellent as an amateur can learn to play. Online casinos offer a number of games and a new player can first learn a game before he/she wagers any real money and on the other hand a player who has years of experience at a land and brick casino can easily avail the real money option and win a large sum. Online casinos have done a great job by including both these options as it attracts customers and players from across the board.

Slot games rank among the most popular and played casino games. Many companies offer free slots. A player can easily play free slots online. You can enjoy your time while playing free slots games. Many people who like to play from the comfort of their homes like free video slots as they have plenty of fun and excitement. There are no distractions and casino noise while playing online and one can play comfortably. One can play anywhere and anytime as Smartphone's allow us to play online casino games. The odds of free online slots are the same as casino slot machines.